Friday, October 10, 2008

It,s Raining

If you could see me now I'm doing my "Happy Dance'. Probably best that you can't though........

Look at the rain!!!!!!!!!!

Our main water tank is nearly empty, and the only water we have is rain and bore. The bore is only any good for the animals and toilets though as it clogs up the pipes...I have been sitting on the veranda with my coffee watching the water go in the tank, what I really wanted to do was be a child again and go out and play in the puddles.

This view is from the front veranda looking up the creek, the low clouds just look so lovely. This is the one thing I am enjoying about blogging as I wouldn't have taken a photo like this before. Now I can look back and enjoy this moment all over again...........

Below is looking from the side veranda out over the paddock.
Every thing was getting very dry and dusty here, and I can cart all the washing water I want but nothing is as good as a bit of rain. Please Lord keep it coming.......

As it is Friday today I have to take my MIL grocery shopping, I'm telling you if it is still raining it will be in then out....

I love gardening in the rain, I also like to just sit and do nothing but listen. So who knows what I will feel like doing this arvo I might just have a quiet afternoon.

This evening I am going down to my girlfriends place to look at photos. Bronwyn and her husband have just got back from a trip to Japan, so we'll be hearing about it all tonight....

Have a great Friday and I hope you are getting the weather that you need today....Blessings...



  1. Hi Mandy,
    It's raining here too.
    Just love the sound o rain on a tin roof.

  2. Stopped by your blog it's great. Will check in again. Well I must be either a fool or a big kid cause I do get out in the rain!!!
    I just love it, then to come in for a hot scented bath. DEVINE

  3. thanks for the comment, your blog is great and reminds me of our visits to Cairns to see my husbands family that live there.
    I just love the rain forest and reef.

  4. Hi Mandy

    I have seven children too!!! And I just started blogging as well. And the rain is fabulous heading up to tmba later today for a 40th birthday party.