Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jacaranda Junction

Now I know that spring is here and summer is right behind. My jacaranda tree is out in bloom.

I have a high house at the front and this photo is taken on the veranda looking up into it.....

The front yard is covered in blossoms and it looks so pretty. I must walk out to veranda 5 times a day just to look at there beauty. They just don't flower long enough......

I don't have a name for my house, and I have often thought of calling our place Jacaranda Junction. It makes sense you see we have a jacaranda and we live on a junction. May-be one day I'll do something about it.

I had a lovely after-noon of sewing yesterday, Chloe needed some summer p.j pants so I made them for her and got two more Christmas presents made. I can't show them as they are for my daughter in-law and she sometimes reads my blog to catch up on things.......Hello Karen.........

The material I made the p.js out of is left over from when the two oldest girls were 2 & 3 years old.I had made them little play suits in this print. It is lovely and soft and cool so Chloe will love them..They are to big though, so I'll have to take them in.........

Yesterday when catching up on a few blogs Our Red House had a recipe for chocolate brownies. Well this recipe had no chocolate in it which mine does.Cheak out Kates blog it is in the side bar. I made it up into muffins for the children's afternoon tea. Well..they loved them said they were the nicest brownies I had ever made.
Thanks Kate you did get the credit..........

Since I have been blogging I am amazed every-day by the wonderful people out there....I know that I feel like I am making friendships, I know others feel this way as well so I'm not crazy!!!!!
Yesterday I left a comment on a blog about my disasters at knitting, and when I checked my comments this morning wonderful daisymum said she would knit me one.........I only know daisymum through blogging yet we are friends, thanks by the way I can't wait.......As I read more blogs I am finding that this is not an unusual thing, friendships are happening all across the globe. I am learning about other countries, even about bears from Suzann at Scrub Oak..So today I would like to honour those that have dropped by and said hello...It has been a real pleasure in meeting you and getting to know you...................

Blessings to all..........



  1. Jacaranda Junction is a great name :o)
    PJ pants are cute & i like the quilt on your bed

  2. I love Jacaranda Junction get your hubby to make up the sign!

    I have to make daisygirl13 some soon. After I finish doing a million things.


  3. I think Jacaranda Junction is a perfect name it's very pretty just like some of your rooms you have shared in your spring cleaning posts. Lovely

  4. Thanks girls look like I had better get Hubby to make me a sign...

  5. your not crazy, i find that i can make friends through this medium too
    and people r so giving of their lives, sharing things and keeping me inspired in our new decision on life

  6. Lovely jacaranda snow you have there. Jacaranda Junction is a great title. I too have made many new friends through the blogging community. It's wonderful to be able to reach out and communicate with like minded people and to share our little piece of the world in which we live.

  7. I feel the same, Mandy. I'm sitting here looking at those cookies and would brownies and would really like to have some:)