Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Lazy Kinda Day

I did say lazy....
This morning I was up and out (with make-up on & hair done) of the house
by 6:30.... not good for a Saturday morning.
I had a local Ladies Breakfast at one of the little churches in the valley.
Going to these community events is all part of living in a small community.
Meeting new people opening new doors and of course learning new things............

This is what a come home to.
Daddy, baby boy and spoilt cat all watching the cricket.
It was at this sight that I knew!
The day was a right off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hubby has had to work the last 5 Saturdays, and the jobs are building up around the place.
But you know that sometimes you just have to stop.
Today is that day.

Spending time with the children,
playing with the new puppies,
these are things that will quickly be gone.

I can guarantee that next week the jobs will still be there.
But this day will be gone not to get back again.
Today we choose to live in the moment.

Ladies.....This is for you.
Imagine trying to walk away to do things
and all six babies are still hanging
of your *****.
There's some thing to be thank full right
Have a great week end and live the moment.


  1. Hello there
    Sounds like everyone had a good day - never mind the undones they can be done another daylol
    If you pop over to my blog theres a link called Delilah that I think you will enjoy.
    Take care

  2. Oh Mandy hope you had a wonderful relaxing day we all need that from time to time. Shame the poor dog didn't get it so easy. LOL I can relate.

    Have a fabulous Sunday. I am sitting here knitting a little something for a very special new friend.


  3. Thanks for visitng "I See What You're Saying" and for the kind comment. It might be the nicest one I've ever received. Have a great, blessed, relaxing weekend!

  4. Happy Monday Mandy. Your little pressie is complete if you go to my profile you can email me an address to send them to.