Monday, October 6, 2008

Mondy Again

Monday again, it seems to come around so quickly.

The children are all back at school today. Not many smiling faces this morning as it is always hard to go back after a spring break. I must say though it is nice to be doing the house work and it is staying clean.

For some reason I can not get onto the Internet in my folder but am able to on Chloe's folder, who knows why? So the photo is just on old one of the bottle brush flowering, as I can't access my photos, I'll work on the problem latter.

We had a great week-end here. Saturday was spent taking the girls shopping for new school shoes, clothes and under wear, you know just the basic stuff in life that costs to much money. I had said that we would go shopping in the holidays and I kept putting it of as I truly hate shopping centres. We had a lovely time together though and got all we needed and some great bargains so that made us happy. I won't have to go near the shops again now until Christmas time. Strangely though I enjoy Christmas shopping!!!!!

Saturday night we went to a neighbors that have this great spot up on there hill that over looks the valley, it was amazing. We could only get there by 4wd, they had a entertaining area up there with a toilet and stove, barbies, every-thing. I met some lovely ladies from Canberra who moved up here. There husbands where all in the fire brigade together. Just a lovely evening, we were thinking of ways of not going but couldn't come up with any thing, and ended up having the nicest time!

Sunday was a lazy "let's enjoy the last day" kind of day.

All in all a great week-end. But now the work begins. Spring Cleaning. I always do this after the holidays. I love doing this, the whole cleaning and washing, all smelling nice.

Well back to it...


  1. Hi Mandy,
    How are you coping with our weather?
    I seem to be constantly waking around with a watering can trying to keep things alive.
    Hopeful for a cooler change this afternoon.
    Cheers Stewart

  2. I'm assuming a "barbie" is a barbeque grill? At first I though your neighbors had barbie dolls up there!