Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New Favorite Room

Well I'm up to my bed room.............
Our b/room is one of the biggest rooms in the house, and I love this room. Our bed used to have a mosquito net that went over the top, but I found that all it did was collect dust. So i have had nothing there for many years.
Today after cleaning the room I wanted to pretty it up a bit,so I hang the curtains that I took the winter curtains from the lounge room and put them on the bed..........
Love the look...........

I then put a table and chair under the window. T his will be a great spot for my morning quiet time. The clock that I got for my birthday is there as well(no where else to put it) looks o.k.

I love to collect old china ever since I can remember. I have so much that I have decided to make a boarder around the room with them.

Next year we are going to paint our room, as it still is in the blue from when it was the babies nursery. I did change the border when we moved into this room a few years ago but blue isn't my color.

Here is our b/room before I started to pretty it up.

Every time I finish cleaning a room it becomes my new favorite room.............
I think the Entry is next.
Only a quick post today as I have only just got to the computer and Alanah needs it now for homework.
I hope every-one had a great day today.


  1. Hi Mandy you asked on my page about what part time work I am going to do well not sure yet.

    I got a job in one of the local Real Estate offices on a Saturday from 9 to 4 which is great - it brings in a useful amount of money and allows me to get dressed and be an adult for the day.LOL

    I run my own Alterations and Mending business which does keep me busy, I used to have a stall at one of the designer markets here once a month but with the Saturday work it would have meant one weekend a month when I wasn't home at all - we decided that wasn't going to work. I used to sell my hobby horses ( I sell the patterns to quilt shops around the place),tea cosies in funky fabrics, appliqued tea towels, fabric lunch packs, the odd table runner, quilt etc. Sometimes I made a bit other times it cost me money to be there.

    I sell my patterns to about 8 shops around the place. I would like to extend the range but it is finding the time to sit and think it up write the instructions and get the sample made that I am having trouble with. So I decided to take the easy way out and work for someone else.

    I have a few irons in the fire so we will see what turns up. I have spent the last eight years raising money for various things in a voluntary capacity so I have demonstrated marketing and function management skills.

    Sorry for the novel!!!!!


  2. Your bedroom looks very pretty, the curtains look great. Love the way you have decorated it.