Monday, October 20, 2008

Pottering Around

I have just been doing a bit of this and that today......

I moved all my cutting to under this tree from under the veranda. This tree is near my potting shed so they should do really well as they are in dappled shade all day.

The children have been running around playing all day, and the geese have had enough. They turned there nose up in the air told us what they thought of the noise and went to find a much quieter place......

I got the last garden mulched today. This is my little garden up at The Old Dairy. This garden is made up of cuttings in from my garden. Except the roses they where Mothers Day presents.

This is a close up of the rose flowering , I have a row of 4 roses along this fence.

I am off to plant some more agapanthus along the front fence. Then to pick some lettuce for tea.

I have had a lovely day having the children home and pottering around the house and garden. I feel a real renewal today, because I have taken the time to rest and play with the children.



  1. So happy you had a lovely day at home with your children in the garden.(What more does a mother need) I can't understand when I hear mothers say they don't like student free day It's a fantastic time. Your garden looks great sounds like you have been putting in some hard work. The roses are divine. I to have just moved all my cuttings. Have a lovely evening with your loved ones Caroline

  2. I agree Caroline, it is lovely.

    I spent a lot of time doing that in the past. I think it is hard here, not so much privacy and shade and I need a new deckchair lol. However, the puppy is providing nice new opportunities.

  3. Glad you ahd a restorative day. We did the whole over the mountain to the shopping centre thing - it was okay but it just makes us all realise how much we dislike leaving our little valley. bUt mission accomplished goggles, shirts, undies, socks, meat, library - even a junk food lunch. Then home for watermelon swimming and reading - boy do I need to do some housework today!!!!

    I love your new garden I got roses for Mothers Day too this year. One day I will come and sit under the shade of that tree with you and have a cup of tea. (My sister lives near Biddeston)


  4. I have been meaning to ask you what do you use the old Dairy for??? Is it a laundry, a workroom, a place to escape the kids? I love it anyway I love the little gate and the pathway it reminds me of a cubby houswe for grown ups.


  5. Okay been a bit naughty and sat here reading thorugh all your blog posts until I got to the one about why the old Dairy and back to your very frist blog.

    So many parrallels my mum had alzheiners, the kids of course , our goats (flossie and poppy) were taken by wild dogs about the time you lost yours, and of course you blog about how lost you felt after 23 years of child rearing when your youngest went to prep.

    I am so pleased to have found your blog.