Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spring Cleaning Part 1

I thought that while I am Spring Cleaning the house this month, that as I finish a room I would show you. So this month will be a tour through my home. Remember that it has just been cleaned, after 3.30p.m they no longer look like this......You know children.....

Yesterday I got 3 rooms cleaned. Office, Family Room and spare Bedroom. All the chairs are slip covered so every thing can be washed.

Above and below is our Family Room. This room was once the out door entertaining area. We had it enclosed about8 years ago.

The above photo looks from the back door, the laundry and a toilet open off the back of this room. I just realised the drawers aren't in the cabinet, they have my doilies in them and I took the drawers with me around the house to put clean ones out, never mind.

Above I am looking from the laundry to the back door, which leads to the courtyard and the garden. All the furniture in this room was bought second hand and I did up (except the 2 round coffee tables) The T.V my husband won through work so that didn't even cost us any thing.

Below is the office, you walk upstairs from the family room into this room. I am standing at the bathroom door to take this photo. At the end of the office is the spare room where my M.I.L sleeps when she is here.
The art work on the walls are paintings the children have done over the years, that I frame and hang up.

I didn't mind being inside at all yesterday as it was so hot and windy out-side, and lovely and cool in the house. Today is a much cooler day though here which is much more pleasant for the garden and animals.

Have a great day.........



  1. I had this painting book years ago and always wanted an aqua like that. I did get one bluish aqua for my daughter's room about 7 years ago.

    Your room looks lovely in that colour.

  2. What a colorful and cozy home you've made!