Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spring Cleaning Part 2

The Lounge Room Before..........

I was half way through cleaning when I thought that I should take a before photo. I have already moved the furniture and taken down the curtains though....

The Lounge Room After.............

I love the start of a new season. I celebrate this by changing my home. I love to change the look of a home. Wash and change the curtains and pillow cases, wash the slipcovers. Move the furniture, I always think that if you move something to clean behind it why put it back in the same place........

A new room...Winter I have dark reds and greens and more wood on show then for spring and summer I cover things with white cloths and take down the pictures and put the rose ones up.
It makes the room alot lighter and brighter. This year I want to paint the T.V cabinet white and get the floor sanded........

I got out the pressure cleaner and washed the house down this is my favorite job I love the pressure cleaner. All the mould is of the floor and walls,windows and fly screens clean. Pot up some spring flowers. Now every-thing is nice and fresh, I sat and here and enjoyed a cuppa after a hard day.

So much more to do though. I need to make some new cushions for the lounge so I'm off to make a start on this. I will enjoy being in my sewing room as it has been to long.



  1. Everything looks fresh and clean, Mandy. The veranda is just made to sit out on. Enjoy your wonderful Spring.

  2. Well, I am so inspired! If you read my post today, you'll see why! Your home is beautiful and you have made a lovely job of Spring cleaning!

    love, Tina :)