Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Spring Cleaning Part 3

I had a lovely Birthday yesterday......

I was to go out to lunch with friends, but as my M.I.L is staying here we couldn't go. Not that it mattered I enjoyed just having a quiet day.

Alanah cooked tea for me.

Roast chicken, potato wedges(real not frozen) and wombok salad...........yummmmmmm......

Chloe and her friend cleaned up the kitchen afterwards, so i just had to sit there and enjoy myself.

Chloe is the cake decorator in the family, just found picture of cake that's why it's at the top.

I couldn't sit around doing nothing all day so as the bathroom is as small as the laundry thought that I might get it cleaned. Trying to stand in the door way to take this photo, and the one below I stood in the bath tub, I said it was small. Very hard to get a picture but you get the idea.
This room gets cleaned every day so all I had to do was the shower curtain,walls and curtain,other than the usual bath room cleaning. As we have only 1 bathroom it gets alot of traffic, that's why I clean it daily.

Well I'm of to my ladies craft day now will be back this evening.......

Have a great day all....


  1. WOW Your Birthday Cake looks Wonderful..great job Chloe..Glad you got Spoilt...
    ps: just a reminder the birthday fat 1/4 swap is ending this sunday if you are still Interested.??

  2. The cake is lovely, clever decorating. Chloe has talent. I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed your day.

    I love the colours used in your home. Lovely and bright.

    Happy Spring cleaning (I've yet to start mine, better hurry otherwise it will be Summer) and enjoy your craft day.

  3. Glad to hear your spring cleaning is going well. I have started mine but it's very patchy as I have to fit it around work & looking after my youngest who is autistic.(somedays are diamonds somedays are stone)I have taken photos(still on camera)to.How about summer cleaning does that count!!
    Your house looks oh so homily & cosy a lovely family home.