Thursday, October 16, 2008

All Mulched Up


Today is very dark and overcast with the promise of rain........Late yesterday afternoon a storm went past us and we got nothing out of it, but in the next valley they got 1 inch of rain, but also some bad hail.......I am pleased that we missed out on it.

Below is the material I have picked out for my new quilt. I mentioned on Tuesday that we are learning to make a "stack and whack" quilt...
These are supposed to be quick and easy, which sounds great coming up to Christmas. The only quilting I have done before is ones that I have made up as I went along. Not the best way to try.....
My Mum is a magnificent quilter, so I have never really put much effort into learning as Mum was always making them for me and the children.
I think the time has come to learn myself now and I,m really looking forward to next Tuesday when we will learn to make them, I am hoping though that I won't be stacking and hacking instead of whacking and stacking.

The vege patch is doing so well everything is growing so quickly, must be all that good organic cow poo from the yards.....

Have starting picking lettuce all ready. Yesterday I planted out another dozen.....

Also planted out some herbs,
Basil, Parsley,
Lemon Balm, Thyme and some cat mint for the cats.

Robbie's potatoes are coming along nicely as well' they are at the front of the picture opposite.
He wants to have a go at growing them in straw? Has any-one ever done it this way before? I have been reading a bit about it and it seems straight forward enough........

Put the last of the mulch on the gardens finely, boy o boy was that a big job.
The front garden was the last to do, and with the rain on the week-end every-thing was still damp so that was good.

Got the fruit trees planted this morning. This area of the garden is on a slope and very hot and dry. Don't let the green fool you, that's only because we had had a few showers. The ground was rock hard. On Sunday I'll go to the markets again and get another four or five as I think there's enough room here for eight or nine trees.

Being Thursday I am looking after my niece and nephew today, it was a nice surprise for them to find Grandma is still here. We are having a lovely day together, baby is sleeping soundly at the moment and miss five is watching High 5, M.I.L is sleeping. All is nice and quiet...........

I hope your day is going to plan for you, enjoy it..



  1. Your garden is coming along nicely. I have wanted to grow potatoes but I am not sure how to. The only time I tried, they turned out the size of golf balls and smaller. There looks to be lovely scenery around you.

  2. I feel I have become out of touch with Hi-5s new songs.

    I love the outlook from the garden.

  3. I meant to comment on the blue and white pattern. My Mum has one piece and I love those.

  4. Hi Mandy

    After looking at your post of your newly mulched gardens I am thinking I should start posting at night and try to get more done in the daylight in the garden.

    I have never made a whack adn stack quilt before but I believe they are quite easy and I amsure you will love the technique.

    I posted bragging photos of what I finished yesterday,, looking forward to another day of it today but then I think ..mulching.

    Thanks for the info on the plant I am going to check if there are any bracnhes taking root and I will put them in another shady spot I have.

    Re your new orchard if you clear the grass away from it and plant some green mulch or even an area of wildflowers they will do better becasue they won't be competing with the grass for water etc. That is our project for autumn to get all the grass away from the trees and plant a wildflower "meadow".


  5. Firstly Well Done on all your Spring Cleaning the House looks Great...Love your fabrics for your class I'm sure they will look wonderful...Enjoy it won't You....your gardens are Great...sending rain your way we have had enough here....for a little while anyway...a couple of days of rain is enough for me!!!

  6. I'm going to have explore this "stack and whack" quilt thing. If anything I like the sounds of it "stack and whack" "stack and whack". The garden photos are lovely, Mandy. We're going into the darkness of winter here and I'll be salivating over your harvest all the while.