Thursday, October 23, 2008

Williams Vege Patch

This is the last of Williams veges....

Today William stayed home from school as he wasn't feeling to well, just an upset tummy. As I was looking after his cousins today I kept him home.

When William turned 5 earlier in the year I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. His reply was "My own vege patch" We converted his sand pit into a vege patch and have been getting fresh beetroot, shallots, carrots and tomatoes ever since.......Well today was the last of it carrots and beetroot.........

Having seven children I know that I have made alot of mistakes (just ask them)

but the one thing I know that I am doing right is planting the seeds in there lives to be more self sufficient.

Having always lived out of town our lives have been pretty low key compared to townies. But there was still many changes to be made. We are slowly making these changes......Baby steps.....I have always grown my lettuce and other salad veges, we had fruit trees until last year. But only in the last year have I got more serious about leading a simple and sustainable life. Making our home a haven from the fast pace of the world...........

When your 5 year old asks for a vege patch of his own I think that may-be I am getting some where...... I am on the right track.

We have so far yet to go and so much to learn, but that's life, learning is a journey, I am happy to be making this journey with my children, and they are enjoying it as well...

Today we will dig over Wills' garden and get it ready for the next planting. Here he is with his cousin pulling up the last of it all.
Tea tonight will be fresh carrots, baby beet, lettuce (all from the garden) and chicken. Not alot of variety, but it will be fresh..
We are so used to eating a variety of fruit and vegetables. Now that we are growing our own this to will change as we will only eat whats in the garden.
Have a great day today...
p.s It is so cold here the wind picked up yesterday and it is a cold wind. You can see that Will is wearing a jumper. Last night I was climbing around getting all the blankets back down as we were freezing........crazy weather here.....


  1. Of course you are doing the right thing you are giving your kids the greatest gift possible. The gift of being able to look after themselves whatever comes their way.
    Best Wishes Caroline
    PS- As for the mistakes at least our children will know we're human I've made countless!!!!

  2. nice haul from the veg patch there
    must be a 5 year old thing
    my 5 year old wants her own patch to grow things in too..:)

  3. Oh yes! Teaching kids to grow a garden is a marvelous skill for them to learn. And what a harvest! Was he proud that his garden provided dinner for the family?

  4. What a great haul from a sandpit!

    The weather is so so weird it is still cold here today. I was out cutting some flowers for a friend to take to her b&b and it was freezing!

    I don't think we can ever make mistakes with our kids - everyone responds to rules, routines and lectures differently all we can do is remain true to ourselves and as they get older learn to learn from our children.

    Judging by the smiling face on your 5 year old you haven't done too much damage!!LOL

    In my case with the family history of alzhiemers by the time my youngest four are old enough to decide I was the worst mother in the world (which they all do for some time in their lives) I won't remember who they are anyway! LOLOLOL