Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Hello and welcome.
I thought it was time for a catch up with what we have been doing...

We have been busy having a good clean up in the sheds. It is a good place to stay dry and warm yet still be productive. This area I have cleaned up to make into a studio for myself. A beautiful sunny spot looking out to the vege garden. I have put the till in here to remind me of the days it was our shop..

The succulents are loving the sun and dry from the rain as well.
I do share the space with William but I am not going to show you that side..It is his hobby room as well and his hobby is gel guns...say no more he is a boy...

After all that cleaning we deceided we better have a garage sale, we had that last weekend.
I still had so much left from the shop....Yarn O my so much yarn, any way 
now we have nice clean sheds..

Such a great entertaining area with our size family. 

Still hard to believe this was our shop, and yes I do still miss it, but times change and move on.

Even with the cold weather there is new life on the farm,

We have twins Dick and Dora
Bruce thought they were great names hahaha
We lost 1 lamb due to the cold while we were out at Cassie's which is such a shame and so sad.

 We have so much happening in the vege garden as well.

Our first tomatoes are coming along nicely...

Zucchinis have kept us going all winter, along with the carrots and beetroot.

Despite the winds and frosts and cold the vege garden has done so well...
I will have to do a post just on the vege garden next time...

Until then
Keep warm


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