Friday, August 29, 2008

After The Week-End

I'll be in Cairns doing more than just walking along the beach... My BF and I are going to be doing all those things we have talked about for 20 years and never done. I am so looking forward to spending this time with my BF. When I first met her all those years ago she was a shy there's no keeping up with her. She is one of the few people I know that improves as she gets older. I have been truly blessed to have her as my closest and dearest friend, we had our babies together, we have watched our children grow up together and now we are going away for along over due girlie time together.....I know I am excited............

Back to real life:::::::::::::

This morning I went to school with Will as they have finished learning there letters and had a letter land dress up day and morning tea. Here he is as Fix-it Max....X. All the children had so much fun dressing up.Fix-it Max was the most boy thing to go as, as he had a tool box so that was the winning thing for Will.

I have alot of baking to do this after-noon so there is plenty for the lunch boxes while I am away.
And I have a full week-end planned with soccer and my hubbys younger brothers 40th on Saturday night. Oh! I also have to pack some where in the week-end..

I won't be blogging for a week as I don't think that I'll have access to a computer while I'm away, hopefully I can...

All have a blessed and safe week-end, and I'll catch up in a week or so.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Baby In The House.

After yesterdays post guess what I'm doing to day?
I have the pleasure of this beautiful baby all day. This is my nephew and he is the baby of the family. He is sound asleep now, he went to sleep while I was feeding him. This is truly an example of Gods love, as he new I needed a baby fix and so he sent along this darling for me to look after. God is good. Look at that smile..........

I have to go through my summer clothes today for my trip to cairns. Gosh I hope every-thing fits or else I'm in trouble! Seems strange standing in the cold trying on summer clothes as it is 28 degrees in Cairns.
I have some cooking to do for when I'm away and menu planning to do. I think my Mum is brave coming to look after every-one here as she only had two children. Poor Mum she's only been cooking for her and Dad for the last 20 years and shes freaking about making such big meals. She'll be right, I've left instructions...
Well I've got a costume to make for William for his "letter Land" parade tomorrow, so I'd best get it done while baby is sleeping.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Times Are Changing

My is baby off to school for the first time in this photo (prep). After being at home for 23 years with children, and 7 of those years I home schooled. I am home on my own. At first I was quite lost with no little ones around, you know I would clean a room and when I came back to it, it was still clean!!

I am finding that I am starting to enjoy this different season in my life. That is how I look at life there are many seasons in it. The time for little ones at home all day with me are over, they are all at school now and enjoying school. You never know being a grandmother sounds alright then I would have little ones around some of the time.
Me ... I am finding I can do so much more these days of the things I enjoy. At first I was lost and lonely and almost a bit guilty at having all this free time to my-self. I've now moved on from guilt and am enjoying my quiet days at home. All the hours I spend in the garden and sewing are wonderful. I am again making clothes for my-self, something I haven't done since the 4 girls were little. Yes, I was one of those Mothers that made all there dresses matching, they were so cute.........Don't think though that I spend the whole day doing what I want. With 5 children still at home there's plenty of washing and housework to be done daily, but there is also more free time.

Yesterday I spent the morning at craft and after lunch in the garden pruning the last of the roses. Every-thing is all starting to come out in buds and there was even enough flowers to pick this small vase for the table. As I wondered around the garden it was then I realized how much I am enjoying my life. I had one of those days where I new that I was right where I was meant to be. I looked around and felt so much happiness and peace.
I hope that no matter what season of life you are in that you embrace it, I know that we often have a bad season but remember it will come to an end, life keeps changing and we should embrace each day as a gift.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Find In The Garden

After a busy day of housework yesterday I got out into the garden for a couple of hours, which most of was spent watering. We haven't had alot of rain this winter so everything is drying out.
The bottle brushes are in full bloom at the moment. This was the first thing I ever planted when we moved into our house about 20 years ago.. Some of the roses are starting to flower and I haven't finished pruning them all because of the frost. That will be a job for this afternoon. I mentioned yesterday about my trip. On Monday 1st Sept my friend and I are off to Cairns. Suzan, Cairns is up the top of Australia in Queensland it is about 1200 klms from Toowoomba, I tried to include a map to show you but couldn't work that one out. We are flying from Brisbane that morning and will be home Thursday 4 th. Not long but who cares. My Mum and Dad are coming down to stay with hubby and the children so they will be in good hands.
We plan to go snorkeling on the reef one day and may-be bungee jumping HA HA HA or not.Can you tell I'm excited!!!!!!! Got to get a underwater camera so I can take some pics to show you. Unless of course I have to wear a wetsuit then you get to see nothing...........Enough about the holiday(for now)
When my little helper was helping m water yesterday we found a cherry tomato bush growing among the nasturtiums. It is what we call a self set bush as we didn't plant it came up on it's own.

I have no idea what kink it is as it is a orange fruit one and I don't remember planting anything like that before.William claimed them as his tomato and we picked a nice bowl full, many didn't make it to the bowl of course!!!!
If you were a 5 year old boy that hates meat and every-one was having rice and stir fry beef for tea, what would you eat?

Rice and cherry tomatoes of course!!!!
I am of to my craft day to day I will just be taking some hand sewing with me, it is in Toowoomba today and all the ladies are coming up with me. I hope you all have a lovely day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Wonderfull Week-end

Some times you have those week-ends when you feel great, you have gotten so much done , well that's the kind of week-end we had here. Even though we were all busy we feel relaxed and blessed.
Saturday morning I was up at 5.30a.m to go to a local ladies breakfast. Boy is it cold at that time of the morning!!!! I had a lovely morning with friends and the lady that spoke was great to listen to. A good start to the week-end, after the breakfast I went back to my girlfriends place for another cuppa and we planned our trip....That's right you heard me a trip, truly I'm excited as the children get when they are going on a school camp.

My friend and I are of to Cairns!!!!!!!!!We have been friends for over 20 years and have often talked about going away together so we are. Just the two of us for some well deserved fun and laughter. I have never been away with out my hubby or children before so I am really looking forward to this. I will tell you more about it through the week.

The rest of the week-end I spent scrap booking, and being terrorized by the local biker gang. See that cheeky one in the middle, he has no fear..Robbie got on a motorbike when he was 5 and hasn't stopped since. Two speeds that's all he knows flat out and stop! he has had a bad influence in the shape of his much older brother who encourages him.
Sunday afternoon I did some pool cleaning as this time next month the children will all be in the pool. Come on spring........I hope you all had a wonderful week-end as well. Today though there is plenty of house work to catch up on, and after may-be some more craft but the day is so lovely I might get out into the garden, decisions,decisions,decisions.........


Friday, August 22, 2008

Grocery Shopping...

Today was grocery shopping day. I take my Mother in-law shopping every Friday, this is a familiar day for her as she has always gone on Fridays. Some weeks it is the only day that my M.I.L gets out all week..I should explain that my dear Mother in-law suffers from Alzheimer's so I really try to keep things as familiar as possible for her.

I can not believe the way that food prices have risen I know that my weekly food bill has gone up by $20 -$25 dollars a week....That adds up...I mostly shop at my local IGA as that is familiar for my M.I.L. If I am in town without her I go to Aldi as they are so much cheaper. They also have a better range of organic food there than IGA.

The above photos are of my pantry.......Now you probably think that I'm desperate for photos, but..this is my current favorite room in the house!!!!!!! sad I I'll tell you why , this room is only new! The room was always there but while we were on holidays last month I got my handy man to revamp it. It had one wall of very old built in cupboards and the fridges and a meat safe in there but it had so much more possibilities. I have had shelves put around 3 walls from floor to ceiling. In the top photo I am standing in the door way and the fridge and freezer are to the right. To be able to have so much room to stockpile groceries and fruit is truly a blessing......I love my pantry........I have to track down some before photos and show you.
I have a busy week-end ahead of me but than again every week-end is busy when you have children playing sport...Do you know what though I wouldn't have it any other way. My eldest two have left home and moved away to other towns and I miss them so much. In that though it has made me appreciate the ones I still need to be there for so much more..So to my children reading this I love and miss you...
Have a gret week-end every-one

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Rain Forest

I managed to get alot of gardening done yesterday. The rain forest garden was a mess, as the chooks love this area of the garden. There are plenty of worms and bugs in amongst the bark chips. There was plenty of raking and weeding to do.
The palm trees in this garden are 12 years old. Hubby started this garden when I was expecting baby No 5 and she is 12 now that's how I remember. Hubby doesn't get time to garden any more but he had the bones of a good garden there for me to do something with. clinking on the photos will enlarge them. I am slowly bringing this garden up to The old Dairy. That is the side wall you can see in the photo below. I made the steps a while ago with rocks lying around the place, and we have now put some big silky oak tree logs down to make retainer walls. I have lots of cuttings to put in here come spring.Geraniums,salvias, lavender and so much more, the plan is for the garden to be from the top of the steps to the dairy wall.

This is my new path........We've pulled all the old fence posts out and used them to line the paths. This part of the garden is only just developing. Where this path branches out used to be the back fence, but I have a habit of getting my poor husband to move the fences out a bit.
I mean if you have to build a new fence why not make the yard bigger for more gardens. Hubby said no more moving fences but I think the back fence needs replacing lol.

I love gardening I find such a peace when I 'm out in the garden. I also enjoy my crafts and cooking and I am finding that there is not enough time in the day to fit every-thing in. Am I the only person that finds it hard to sleep at night because of all the ideas running through my head..............
Not to mention scrap booking..........I spent to mid night last night sorting out photos, and I am back into it today. I have to get them sorted as many photos are getting ruined from being shoved into the boxes. My plan is to have 20 years worth of photos in albums by the end of the year......wishfull thinking.
...............................................................I have a question for the scrapbookers out there................
Is there any difference between the scrapbooks you can buy for $6 at the junk shops and the $50 ones from the scrapbooking shops????????? I have so many to get and have a bought a couple of the cheap ones and they seem fine to me... But I would like some advice from those that know....Thanks..
Well I'm off to sort out some more photos.....Then out to the garden for awhile I have an old bath tub I want to do something with.........
So many ideas, so little time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In The Garden Today

What a beatiful day today. I had plans of more inside cleaning today. Well that won't be happening.

I have opened all the windows and doors and I am of to the garden. This day is calling me out side.

I hope you all are enjoying the weather that you need today as many need rain, so today take advantage of what God has given you and enjoy it.......

A happy gardener


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Is Monday

Today is a beautiful winters morning here 4 degrees this morning but I think it is going to warm up into a great day.

Today feels like my Monday, as Monday is my housework day and that is what I have in front of me today. Instead of housework yesterday I went on a school excursion with my youngest and his prep class to the Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba. This garden is supposed to be one of the best Japanese Gardens in Australia.

There wasn't much in flower but there is a beauty in the winter starkness I think. When we go back in spring I will get some more photos so that we can compare them.

The children have all gone to school and when I got home I was quite thank full to plunge my hands into a sink of hot water to wash the dishes as they were freezing. Once they were warm I started on to days post. I have lots of washing to catch up on, I have got two loads done just waiting for it to warm up a bit before I hang them out. Floors to sweep and wash. I must get some more soap made today as well as we have just started our last batch and they take about 6 weeks to cure I find.

Lots to get done here so I will finish this of and get a pretty apron on and get my work done. Every-one have a terrific Tuesday..


Monday, August 18, 2008

Lots Of Photos

What a wonderfull week-end we had, busy yet at the same time relaxing. Both boys had soccer on at the same time on Saturday so we were home by 10.30.a.m So the rest of the day was spent in the sewing room. I didn't even have to think about tea as we all went out for Chloes' birthday. 40 of us I don't think they new what hit them. Chloes' group of friends are so lovely they all finnished grade 12 last year and still keep in contact.They are all well behaved, I love this group of young people they know who they are and what they want in life. Most of these friendships wil last a life time.

Sunday after-noon we went out to celebrate the safe arrivale of Neila Lee our neighbors new baby, here she is wearing the little botties I made her.

The rest of the day was spent sewing and unpicking, sewing and unpicking, at least I had a nice sunny spot to do all that unpicking in. I finnly got my vest made and I love it. It is the first thing I have made my-self in over 10 years( explains the unpicking) Only it is WAY to big so I am going to have to take it in at the seams, won't be to hard.

I also got some scrap booking done on the week-end I got all the photos in I just have to embellish the pages and write on them. This year I have set my-self a goal to get all the photos into albums, this is no easy task understand as I have 20 years of photos to sort through!!!!!!!!!!!!1

But I have made a start and that is often the hardest thing for me.

I am having a cupcake phase at the moment. I tend to have a few, phases that is not cupcakes! Don't you just love these pin cushions. I got the pattern from an on-line shop at www.angles They have some really great things.I think every-one will be getting pin cushions for Christmas this year....

While I was busy doing all this crafting and drinking cups of coffee the men folk were out working. Well some one has to I suppose(ha,ha) We have 10 new little calves and 8 of them are males so the boys had to put rings on them.We always have more bulls then heifer's I wonder if this means any-thing in the cow world. My husband loves his cows and is very proud of them we have 38 with all the new babies so we will be sending some of to the sales soon.

I know there are alot of photos this post but I couldn't decide which ones to use sooooooooo I used all of them.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Chloe

Saturday 16/8/08

Today you are 19.......... 6 weeks old

Chloe today is your day and it is all about you. I hope your day is filled with wonder and joy.

Your life has been filled with many ups and downs, but you have never let any-thing get you down for to long. That is what makes you so special. You always have a smile on your face and know how to make us laugh.

You are your Dad's girl.

Always remember Chloe how lucky you are to have sisters not just sisters but friends, sisters will all ways be there for you.

Jessica,Cassandra, Alanah,Chloe...sisters....

Chloe loves here friends Here she is with her best friend Megan. These two girls know how to have to have fun. If Chloe isn't at home she is probably with Megan.

Chloe and Megan

Chloe you know that God has a purpose for your life. I am so proud of you, you know how to have fun and enjoy life and still uphold your christian values.


Life may not go according to your plans but life never does that is what makes living life so exciting.

self portrait

Alanah,Jessica, Chloe

When you go walking with your brother and you hold his hand tight he knows that he is safe and loved by a special sister.

Our Lord holds your hand all through your life holding on tightly and never letting go, so no matter where this next year leads you God will be holding tight.

I love you Chloe and wish you the best of Birthdays....


In My Garden Today

Jasmine starting to flower.

Going for a walk around my garden on this cold winters morning this is what I found...

Geraniums and sea side daisies

Potato Vine climbing and flowering.

Lavender big and beautiful

There are bees and smells every where.
Spring is only around the corner.
Have a great week-end every one.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A day In My Life

I thought that i would give A day In My Life ago.
My sick little boy trying not to smile as he knows I have the camera

6 a.m

Get a cup of coffee, Up nice and early this morning, boy is it COLD here, the house is fairly warm.

I had better get another log on the fire and get the children out of bed..Getting Hong out is the hard part. Son No 2 has woken up sick and with a temp he'll be staying home today as there has been a bit of this getting around. Time to get the table set and breaky made.Lunches are made.


Get Hong moving and the last of his things packed as he goes back to Korea today. Time to get the kitchen clean. Great just realized that the littlest is still in bed. Get him up and try to dress him in front of the fire this is not an easy job as he wants to stay home when he realizes his brother is.

8 a.m

Every-one into the car!!!!!!!!!

Today I have to take the children to school. I have left Grandma looking after a sick boy. Drop the children of to school there are tears all around as they all say there good byes to Hong.

I take Hong over to the other side of town only to find out that the bus is now leaving from the school @#%&*& Go all the way across town to the school again. Bye Bye Hong........

9 a.m

I have to drop the car of to get new tires on them this is really one of my pet hates, having to hang around and wait for the car.

I decide to do some birthday shopping for Miss C who is 19 this Saturday.

Hubby rings and they can't get the tires for the mags we have any where in Toowoomba and have to send away for them. Poor Hubby has to go home to get the original tires... Then again he had to have them, you boys and toys, He thinks that if he has to drive around in a Tarago it's going to look good.....

Meanwhile I am still walking the streets.

Thought that I would go to Lin craft and try to find the balls of Lions cotton..I couldn't find any but I have found the bamboo and cotton mix that some-one mentioned so I'll give that ago.

11.45 a.m.

I decide to go back and wait for the car at bridge stone and when I get there, they have just finished. Thank you Lord.

12:15 p.m

Stop and get some groceries, don't want to come back up to town any time soon. Did I mention how cold it is up here to day and the wind was blowing a gale.

1;15 p.m


Every one is O.k No 2 son is feeling a little better and watching T.v and my sister in law is here. She came to visit the M.I.L I'm glad that she had company while I was gone...I need a cup of coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 p.m

I bring in a load of wood as the fire has been going flat out the few days, it is so lovely and warm in side.

My M.I.L has another go at teaching me to knit. The new yarn I got is better than what I was using and I think I have finely got the hang of it.

3 p.m.

Just making a simple casserole for tea to night. All chopped up and on the wood stove, so I can sit down to do some more knitting.


Pick children up from the bus stop it's only 4 minutes up the road. Home and after noon tea. There is left over Pavlova from Hongs going away tea last night. I got some good mummy points for that.

4.30 p.m.


My wonderful M.I.L. is doing the ironing for me and has brought in all the washing and folded it. At the moment she is my most favorite person. ( i know I am blessed to have a great M.I.L)


Bath time for all the little treasures, clean up bath room.


Tea time.....Hubby is running late he has gone to see one of his brothers on the way home from work....Children get in and do the washing and drying up while Hubby (who is finely) home and I catch up on the day.


I decide to give this post a go as I know how much I enjoy reading others .

I am going to sit down and do some more Knitting tonight and have a glass of wine (or 2 )

Thanks for joining me in my day.......


Good-Bye Hong Jung

Today Hong has gone back home to Korea, after being here for three weeks, he really became apart of the family. I think that it is a great experience to have an exchange student I would recommend it to all families.
We started about five years ago, we usually have Japanese students so it was a nice change to learn about a different country. At the moment our prime minister Keven Rudd is in Korea with there prime minister and we have been seeing it on the news. Hong thought that this was great.

Good -Bye Hong we will miss you and your funny ways.

My Mother in law has been trying to teach me to knit (the poor thing) I am not picking it up at all, for the life of me I can't work out how to cast on. But it will not defeat me!!!!!!! Truly all I want to do is make a dishcloth how hard can it be! My M.I.L is ironing now I think that she would rather do that then watch me knit.

My M.I.L suffers from Alzheimer's and comes to stay with our family quite often. It is in the early stages still, but it is so sad to watch such a capable confident woman become so dependable on others. My F.I.L. passed away June last year so she lives alone. There is plenty to do and see here and no time to be board I think that's why she enjoys being here.
Untill tomorrow,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What A Frost

I hope every one has had a nice day to- day, I am late getting today's blog down as I had craft on this morning. I really love our craft days to-day we had it at my place as it would have been to cold in our local hall.

Guess what though. I didn't get any craft done today. Making cups of tea, and coffee kept me busy. Then we all went to look at all the frost damage in the garden. Above is my poor canna lilies I have them in four different places in the garden and they all got frosted. I know that they will all come back but o boy what a mess.

This is the nasturtiums....... gone. I don't mind these getting frosted as they climb amongst my roses and herbs and they protect them. I also lost some natives I hope that they will come back. I did have a hedge of night Jasmine growing along the back fence , well I don't any more.

At least my clivas escaped they are all looking lovely and give me some hope that spring is around the corner.
Can you see why there was no craft done, I don't really mind though as we all had a lovely morning catching up and before we new it it was 1:30 p.m. Then there was cleaning up to do and I'm only just getting to my blog.

I love making cupcakes they are so much fun, while on holidays I found some small cupcake moulds now they are cute. See the baby ones at the front. I got a little carried away with the pink icing , but I love to decorate my cakes, yet sill make them easy, and with all the different sprinkles you can buy they are easy to do and still fun.

Thank you to Annie,Maree and Suzan for your encouraging words yesterday. It is still an on going drama, but it is not finished.
Thanks for dropping by