Tuesday, August 5, 2008

At Home

This is where I spent most of my day yesterday. Can my family wear clothes, Sunday is the only day I don't wash so Monday is a big day. In between loads though this was where I went. I found so many amazing Blogs. There are so many talented people out there. I linked to Cee Lew from Rhondas blog at down---to---earth.blogspot.com and just kept going on from there. I visited peoples gardens, then went for a tour through there homes and then learnt about some uncomfortable issues such as child labour for chocolate.
As you can tell I had a lovely day, the house was quiet after such a hectic week-end and I could work at my pace.
All that time spent on the computer came at a cost though. When I went to get some thing for the lunch boxes for morning tea this morning there was nothing to put in them!(bad mother award here)

So I made these lemon and cream cheese muffins I love muffins,made cooked and in the lunch box in 35mins. So today I am blogging early as I continue to bake. Then I'm of to set up a scrap booking table in my craft room.
Have a great day today.


  1. Oh yes it can be so time consuming can't it. But I find it is so rewarding reading that others are doing similar things - things we don't really hear about in other contexts and especially see - with all the wonderful photos.

    Don't you find it also validates all the things that you do. Somehow posting a picture of those delicious muffins seems to make them seem that much more yummy and also shared with more people. Giving is just so enriching isn't it.

    Enjoy your day Mandy.

  2. Hi Cee
    You have said it so right.To meet so many like minded women is amazing. I love looking at photos of all they do, so much pleasure in the simple things of life isn't it.