Friday, August 8, 2008

Frantic Friday

This is the morning feeding frenzy, trying to get girls away from hair straighteners is no easy task.We have had a Koren student Hong Jung for the last two weeks. All he eats for breakfast is cornflakes. He has a very basic diet and I am surprised that he doesn't like veges.

This is only the second time that we have had such young children, the last time was 5 years ago and it was a disaster.Yuong Ho was here for SIX WEEKS and cried the whole time she was only 8.
Hong is 12 and cried a bit in the first few days but has been fine ever since. I couldn't imagine sending my children away so young. We are all learning a lot about different cultures any-way. This is a bag I have made Hong to take home. I love the print of this and bought a bit of it so I have it on hand to make more bags for our Japanese visitors as well. I am filling it with different things from Australia.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get souvenirs that are made here!!!!!
Thankfully I know some one that sells wood work so I'll get some thing from him as well, at least I know that it was made in Australia.

I had a lovely time sewing yesterday I got these little tops done for Miss C. Yes they are just doilies sewn onto singlets. they were selling ones like this at the markets when we were on holidays 3 weeks ago and wanted $ 50 each.


We went to K Mart and got these two singlets on sale for $ 5 and then we raided the doily draws. It's a bit cold to wear them yet but I have to make her a skirt as well for spring so I have time.

These are the little shoes I made for our neighbors new baby.
I got them from Thanks Cee
I had so much fun making these, that I'm going to make her some more. I made the card as well. My first attempt at this type of thing, but I enjoyed it I think I,m going to make more cards and put them aside for birthdays and things.

Today I need to get caught up on the floors as they need a good vacuum and mop, that way they will stay reasonably clean over the week-end.
I try not to do to much house work on week-ends as I think they are for family time. I have Mon-Friday to do house work, but only Saturday and Sunday to enjoy my family.
I hope you have a great week end and enjoy your family...........


  1. Hello Mandy...chookyblue had your name up as a new blogger...great blog & all your pics are lovely...Love the Old Dairy what a great space for your craft lucky girl...will put you on my google reader so can pop back from time to time.
    Gorgeous looking kiddies.

  2. hi christian Welcome to blogger land .My sister has older students from other places .I think she has about five so fare.