Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good-Bye Hong Jung

Today Hong has gone back home to Korea, after being here for three weeks, he really became apart of the family. I think that it is a great experience to have an exchange student I would recommend it to all families.
We started about five years ago, we usually have Japanese students so it was a nice change to learn about a different country. At the moment our prime minister Keven Rudd is in Korea with there prime minister and we have been seeing it on the news. Hong thought that this was great.

Good -Bye Hong we will miss you and your funny ways.

My Mother in law has been trying to teach me to knit (the poor thing) I am not picking it up at all, for the life of me I can't work out how to cast on. But it will not defeat me!!!!!!! Truly all I want to do is make a dishcloth how hard can it be! My M.I.L is ironing now I think that she would rather do that then watch me knit.

My M.I.L suffers from Alzheimer's and comes to stay with our family quite often. It is in the early stages still, but it is so sad to watch such a capable confident woman become so dependable on others. My F.I.L. passed away June last year so she lives alone. There is plenty to do and see here and no time to be board I think that's why she enjoys being here.
Untill tomorrow,

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  1. How wonderful to be so warm and welcoming to everyone! I'm sure they are all blessed by it!

    love, Tina :)