Friday, August 22, 2008

Grocery Shopping...

Today was grocery shopping day. I take my Mother in-law shopping every Friday, this is a familiar day for her as she has always gone on Fridays. Some weeks it is the only day that my M.I.L gets out all week..I should explain that my dear Mother in-law suffers from Alzheimer's so I really try to keep things as familiar as possible for her.

I can not believe the way that food prices have risen I know that my weekly food bill has gone up by $20 -$25 dollars a week....That adds up...I mostly shop at my local IGA as that is familiar for my M.I.L. If I am in town without her I go to Aldi as they are so much cheaper. They also have a better range of organic food there than IGA.

The above photos are of my pantry.......Now you probably think that I'm desperate for photos, but..this is my current favorite room in the house!!!!!!! sad I I'll tell you why , this room is only new! The room was always there but while we were on holidays last month I got my handy man to revamp it. It had one wall of very old built in cupboards and the fridges and a meat safe in there but it had so much more possibilities. I have had shelves put around 3 walls from floor to ceiling. In the top photo I am standing in the door way and the fridge and freezer are to the right. To be able to have so much room to stockpile groceries and fruit is truly a blessing......I love my pantry........I have to track down some before photos and show you.
I have a busy week-end ahead of me but than again every week-end is busy when you have children playing sport...Do you know what though I wouldn't have it any other way. My eldest two have left home and moved away to other towns and I miss them so much. In that though it has made me appreciate the ones I still need to be there for so much more..So to my children reading this I love and miss you...
Have a gret week-end every-one

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  1. Love the new Pantry Mandy I can understand the excitement here.