Monday, August 18, 2008

Lots Of Photos

What a wonderfull week-end we had, busy yet at the same time relaxing. Both boys had soccer on at the same time on Saturday so we were home by 10.30.a.m So the rest of the day was spent in the sewing room. I didn't even have to think about tea as we all went out for Chloes' birthday. 40 of us I don't think they new what hit them. Chloes' group of friends are so lovely they all finnished grade 12 last year and still keep in contact.They are all well behaved, I love this group of young people they know who they are and what they want in life. Most of these friendships wil last a life time.

Sunday after-noon we went out to celebrate the safe arrivale of Neila Lee our neighbors new baby, here she is wearing the little botties I made her.

The rest of the day was spent sewing and unpicking, sewing and unpicking, at least I had a nice sunny spot to do all that unpicking in. I finnly got my vest made and I love it. It is the first thing I have made my-self in over 10 years( explains the unpicking) Only it is WAY to big so I am going to have to take it in at the seams, won't be to hard.

I also got some scrap booking done on the week-end I got all the photos in I just have to embellish the pages and write on them. This year I have set my-self a goal to get all the photos into albums, this is no easy task understand as I have 20 years of photos to sort through!!!!!!!!!!!!1

But I have made a start and that is often the hardest thing for me.

I am having a cupcake phase at the moment. I tend to have a few, phases that is not cupcakes! Don't you just love these pin cushions. I got the pattern from an on-line shop at www.angles They have some really great things.I think every-one will be getting pin cushions for Christmas this year....

While I was busy doing all this crafting and drinking cups of coffee the men folk were out working. Well some one has to I suppose(ha,ha) We have 10 new little calves and 8 of them are males so the boys had to put rings on them.We always have more bulls then heifer's I wonder if this means any-thing in the cow world. My husband loves his cows and is very proud of them we have 38 with all the new babies so we will be sending some of to the sales soon.

I know there are alot of photos this post but I couldn't decide which ones to use sooooooooo I used all of them.

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  1. I liked the sitting outside and the two cow photos.