Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Rain Forest

I managed to get alot of gardening done yesterday. The rain forest garden was a mess, as the chooks love this area of the garden. There are plenty of worms and bugs in amongst the bark chips. There was plenty of raking and weeding to do.
The palm trees in this garden are 12 years old. Hubby started this garden when I was expecting baby No 5 and she is 12 now that's how I remember. Hubby doesn't get time to garden any more but he had the bones of a good garden there for me to do something with. clinking on the photos will enlarge them. I am slowly bringing this garden up to The old Dairy. That is the side wall you can see in the photo below. I made the steps a while ago with rocks lying around the place, and we have now put some big silky oak tree logs down to make retainer walls. I have lots of cuttings to put in here come spring.Geraniums,salvias, lavender and so much more, the plan is for the garden to be from the top of the steps to the dairy wall.

This is my new path........We've pulled all the old fence posts out and used them to line the paths. This part of the garden is only just developing. Where this path branches out used to be the back fence, but I have a habit of getting my poor husband to move the fences out a bit.
I mean if you have to build a new fence why not make the yard bigger for more gardens. Hubby said no more moving fences but I think the back fence needs replacing lol.

I love gardening I find such a peace when I 'm out in the garden. I also enjoy my crafts and cooking and I am finding that there is not enough time in the day to fit every-thing in. Am I the only person that finds it hard to sleep at night because of all the ideas running through my head..............
Not to mention scrap booking..........I spent to mid night last night sorting out photos, and I am back into it today. I have to get them sorted as many photos are getting ruined from being shoved into the boxes. My plan is to have 20 years worth of photos in albums by the end of the year......wishfull thinking.
...............................................................I have a question for the scrapbookers out there................
Is there any difference between the scrapbooks you can buy for $6 at the junk shops and the $50 ones from the scrapbooking shops????????? I have so many to get and have a bought a couple of the cheap ones and they seem fine to me... But I would like some advice from those that know....Thanks..
Well I'm off to sort out some more photos.....Then out to the garden for awhile I have an old bath tub I want to do something with.........
So many ideas, so little time.


  1. Your Garden looks wonderful Mandy what an Achievement for you...if you are talking scrapbooking Albums as long as they are Acid Free they are OK.

  2. Mandy, this garden looks like Paradise I think. Are you really in a rain forest?

  3. Thanks Maree I love gardening as you can tell.I will only be buying the cheop scrapbooks from now on as I have paid $50 for some.
    Suzen thanks I think my garden is my paradise. We just live in normal bush country but water has never been an issue for as. Most of the palms are 12 years old and give great shade so the rest grow really well.