Monday, August 11, 2008

My Week-End

This is a photo of my darling little Cindy., who lead a very charmed life until Saturday. While we were at soccer on Saturday we came home to find that some dog had ripped her throat out. We have an idea whose dog it was, and hubby went to see them but they assured us there dog was with them all day. Except it was at our place in the morning and sitting in our shed when we got home!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry that I sound angry but I am still hurting. What a terrible way for such a beautiful animal to die. Even though Cindy was a goat she thought that she was a dog ........really.........she would jump up like the dog. Today I am so glad that I have a blog as I am able to express how I feel before I go up and see the people whose dog it is. I don't want to go up there in anger as I don't think I'm not really the nicest person when I'm angry and hurting.

Thank you for allowing me this out- burst I feel much better after venting.

I took the camera to soccer on Saturday to get these photo of No 2 & No 3 sons playing. No 3 just is so darn cute in his uniform every thing is so big on him still.

No2 son is a great soccer player he is 10 and about a foot shorter then every-one else on his team No2 got a great goal this game as he was a striker this match so he was quite pleased with himself.

Before soccer I had to get the spare room cleaned as my Mother in-law is coming to stay. How do you tell the cat he now has to share his room ?
I really am thankful for being able to ramble on like this today I promise tomorrow I won't..

Until then



  1. I'm sorry about your goat/dog. That is just terrible and I don't know how you can keep calm when you see those people. Thanks for visiting my blog, it was nice to meet you so to speak.

  2. Sorry to hear about the Goat Mandy,must have been awful for the have every reason to be upset...tomorrw is another day!!

  3. I'd be angry, too, Mandy. Let them have it. Years ago we had our sheep flock decimated by hybrid wolves owned by a neighbor doen the road. He couldn't believe that he wonderful wolf dogs would harm a flea. We have a guardian donkey now (her name is Angel) who won't let a dog or coyote in the pasture.