Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Is Monday

Today is a beautiful winters morning here 4 degrees this morning but I think it is going to warm up into a great day.

Today feels like my Monday, as Monday is my housework day and that is what I have in front of me today. Instead of housework yesterday I went on a school excursion with my youngest and his prep class to the Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba. This garden is supposed to be one of the best Japanese Gardens in Australia.

There wasn't much in flower but there is a beauty in the winter starkness I think. When we go back in spring I will get some more photos so that we can compare them.

The children have all gone to school and when I got home I was quite thank full to plunge my hands into a sink of hot water to wash the dishes as they were freezing. Once they were warm I started on to days post. I have lots of washing to catch up on, I have got two loads done just waiting for it to warm up a bit before I hang them out. Floors to sweep and wash. I must get some more soap made today as well as we have just started our last batch and they take about 6 weeks to cure I find.

Lots to get done here so I will finish this of and get a pretty apron on and get my work done. Every-one have a terrific Tuesday..


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  1. Oh wow.

    I would love to make a tree like a ball like that.