Monday, August 4, 2008

The Week-end

Look what we got this week-end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her name is Lily and she was only born on Friday. We have had to keep her in the house at night because it is to cold out side. The above picture is Lily in her bed in front of the fire.

Through the day she is out side and being well looked after.She has not been feeding really well,as she was one of twins and her mum rejected her so she hasn't had that first feed from her mum. This morning she is not feeding at all. I have a great neighbor that has sheep and Karen was down this morning helping me to get some sugar water into her. This is a real learning curve for miss c and I. So I'm to keep her on sugar water then tonight try and get some milk into her. So if any-one else has some tips for me I sure would appreciate it.

I didn't spend all week-end feeding Lily (just felt like it) I got yard work done, this is my new garden it is steeply sloping and so we are using logs to retain it. A slow work in progress. I got the yard mowed which is a 5 hour job with the rider and push mower but lots of clippings for the compost bin. To learn about compost go to Rhondas Blog @ down to earth I have it in my side bar. There is a tutorial on composting.

Of course with boys the week-end consists of soccer. I love to watch them play. I see a improvement in No 3 son who is 5 every week.

I hope every-one had a great week-end and looking for ward to the week ahead. I am hoping my sewing machine will be ready this week as I am starting to have with drawls it's been 4 weeks since I have sewn and so many ideas running around in my head.

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