Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What A Frost

I hope every one has had a nice day to- day, I am late getting today's blog down as I had craft on this morning. I really love our craft days to-day we had it at my place as it would have been to cold in our local hall.

Guess what though. I didn't get any craft done today. Making cups of tea, and coffee kept me busy. Then we all went to look at all the frost damage in the garden. Above is my poor canna lilies I have them in four different places in the garden and they all got frosted. I know that they will all come back but o boy what a mess.

This is the nasturtiums....... gone. I don't mind these getting frosted as they climb amongst my roses and herbs and they protect them. I also lost some natives I hope that they will come back. I did have a hedge of night Jasmine growing along the back fence , well I don't any more.

At least my clivas escaped they are all looking lovely and give me some hope that spring is around the corner.
Can you see why there was no craft done, I don't really mind though as we all had a lovely morning catching up and before we new it it was 1:30 p.m. Then there was cleaning up to do and I'm only just getting to my blog.

I love making cupcakes they are so much fun, while on holidays I found some small cupcake moulds now they are cute. See the baby ones at the front. I got a little carried away with the pink icing , but I love to decorate my cakes, yet sill make them easy, and with all the different sprinkles you can buy they are easy to do and still fun.

Thank you to Annie,Maree and Suzan for your encouraging words yesterday. It is still an on going drama, but it is not finished.
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  1. Keep us up on the poor goat saga. I'm not familiar with the flower "clivas". They ARE beautiful! Hope you get another craft day soon.