Monday, August 25, 2008

A Wonderfull Week-end

Some times you have those week-ends when you feel great, you have gotten so much done , well that's the kind of week-end we had here. Even though we were all busy we feel relaxed and blessed.
Saturday morning I was up at 5.30a.m to go to a local ladies breakfast. Boy is it cold at that time of the morning!!!! I had a lovely morning with friends and the lady that spoke was great to listen to. A good start to the week-end, after the breakfast I went back to my girlfriends place for another cuppa and we planned our trip....That's right you heard me a trip, truly I'm excited as the children get when they are going on a school camp.

My friend and I are of to Cairns!!!!!!!!!We have been friends for over 20 years and have often talked about going away together so we are. Just the two of us for some well deserved fun and laughter. I have never been away with out my hubby or children before so I am really looking forward to this. I will tell you more about it through the week.

The rest of the week-end I spent scrap booking, and being terrorized by the local biker gang. See that cheeky one in the middle, he has no fear..Robbie got on a motorbike when he was 5 and hasn't stopped since. Two speeds that's all he knows flat out and stop! he has had a bad influence in the shape of his much older brother who encourages him.
Sunday afternoon I did some pool cleaning as this time next month the children will all be in the pool. Come on spring........I hope you all had a wonderful week-end as well. Today though there is plenty of house work to catch up on, and after may-be some more craft but the day is so lovely I might get out into the garden, decisions,decisions,decisions.........


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  1. When will you go on your trip - and where is "Cairns"? What will your children do without you (chuckle, chuckle)?!